Licensed Home Inspector Vern Eldridge

Home Inspector for North Central Illinois

ASHI Certified Home Inspector

35+ Years of Related Experience

When it’s time to turn a House To a Home, we’re here for you! With 35+ years of related experience, we know exactly what to look for you in your future home.

Certified Home Inspector Vern Eldridge on a Roof

Vern Eldridge’s Credentials

Our owner/operator, Vern Eldridge, is prepared to help you find the perfect home. His credentials include:

Vern’s Background

Vern’s background includes 25+ years of inspecting, testing, designing, and installing fire alarm systems. He also has 10+ years of residential construction and service under his belt. Vern became a home inspector because he missed working with people and doing inspections. He also knew realtors that said it took them weeks to find an inspector and thought he would be good at it. He’s familiar with the inspection process from inspecting fire alarm systems. He enjoys working on houses and construction jobs. Vern felt that with his background, becoming a home inspector was a good transition.

Tools of the Trade

If you really want to get the best home inspection, there needs to be a mixture of tools and a visual inspection. Vern has got you covered in both areas!

Thermal Imaging – This high-tech industry tool can root out problems that are invisible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging can assist in finding lack of insulation, leaks, etc. It can also detect hot spots in electrical wiring.

Aerial Drone Photography – Whenever the weather allows, we use an aerial drone to capture images of your roof. This is much safer than actually walking the roof, and it ensures we see the entire thing.

Moisture Meter – Moisture can be very bad for your home, especially when it comes with related mold accumulation. With our moisture meter, we’ll be able to detect the presence of any moisture.

Gas Leak Detector – We want to make sure your house is as safe as possible. Therefore, we use a gas leak detector to look for small amounts of gas. This is especially helpful with your hot water heater.

Vern’s Time Off

When Vern isn’t inspecting homes, he likes building small projects in his woodworking shop. He also enjoys working in the garden. Additionally, Vern likes helping neighbors, family, and friends with their projects.

Drone with Camera in Mid-Flight